Welcome to the supplement supply co website.

Our store was designed for customers to find the best products in each category with out the guess work if it will suit your needs or not. We have found and continue to find the best products the world has to offer.

Why choose to shop with us when you have so many other online supplement stores?

When you look at most of the online stores you can see they don’t have any passion in what they sell, it’s about mark up and high turn over. have set up. There is no real research or real advice just the constant pushing of the top ten most advertised products!

All products have been tested and tried by the staff before we stock it. If it’s not on the site, then there’s a good chance it does not work. All products are clinically dosed to work. What does this mean? All products are backed by science to work.

At Supplement supply co we give you the facts so you can make an informed decision based on your bodies individual needs and requirements.

We have done our best to give you the same welcoming and informative experience online as you would instore.

This is not just a family owned business it’s a passion. We love the fitness industry and we love trying new products that can boost our performance and our overall health. Feel free to look around our site and enjoy what’s on offer. Don’t hesitate to contact us with product questions or general inquiries.

Wayne Ryan and the Supplement Supply co team.


Try our Vegan protein option today!


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This store is amazing, the owner has so much knowledge and has helped me with my goals and is very honest . Thankyou to Supplent and Co. my new supps store

Kristie abela


If your looking for a reliable well priced supplement shop you have found it these guys know their supps and the range is awesome … the service is outstanding because they go the extra mile to suit your needs thanks supplement supply co

Stephen Tunny


Best experience you will get in a supplement store. Wayne is there to help achieve goals! Has a ton of knowledge in this field and always wants to help… best pricing and even better supps! 10 out of 10! you can’t get any better

Lucas Chain